Monday, August 15, 2011

packing, pain, packing, panicking and packing again!

For the last 3 weeks or so I have been packing and repacking and repacking my bag and Lilys bag for the hospital. I've changed the bag I've been using twice and landed up with my first choice again. Pretty much every second or third day I go through all the stuff I've packed up to now and usually add something or take something out. Its really quite ridiculous, but it makes me feel so much more in control-in a situation that Im absolutely controlless (I do'nt think that's a word but it sums up what I'm feeling). I have packed 4 outfits for Lily (and told Shaun which one is for her to wear when- I just hope he remembers! Yes it is important!) as well as a receiver and a fluffy blanket and a teddy bear- just in case she has to be away from me so shes not alone.  I've also packed her a dummy, bottle (for just in case), toiletries, wet wipes and nappies. I've packed it all in her gorgeous Lou Harvey nappy bag that my mom bought us, its amazing!
 For me I've used a pink duffel bag I bought in Bali and I've got a pair of PJs (I need at least one more pair-possibly 2 more) and slippers and a gown (that doesnt close but will hopefully after). I've also got a book called "how to crack an egg with one hand" that my mom bought me-full of useful stuff for moms.
 Also toiletries, cell phone charger, my notebook full of lists of things, some sucking sweet (apparently the gas and air makes you really thirsty and sparkles are the best thing for it). Um, 8 hour cream (which I cant live without), my Ipod and a whole load of other bits and bobs. You would never think we live 2 mins from the hospital, the way I'm obsessing over these stupid bags!

I've been in a lot of pain the last few days, she hasn't dropped yet but my pelvis and hips are really hurting and click when I roll over in bed which sucks. I'm also getting really bad leg cramps at night, which really keep me awake or wake me up. So I'm really looking forward to her coming out so I can go back to feeling normal. I hope she comes at 38 weeks, I really think she will, I think she'll come on the 27th (trying to think it into reality) Shaun says between the 1st and the 5th. So well see!



I read a quote yesterday that said "What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday" and I thought "what would I land up with?" I'd land up with a healthy baby, my wonderful husband and my awesome friends and family. I never seem to thank God for my house, or car or new dishwasher, but for the people that make my life worth living. What are we really without the people in our lives? Empty shells with nothing else. I am as materialistic as the next person- let's be honest now, but when it comes down to it none of that stuff matters. So this post is about counting my many blessings. I am first and for mostly blessed with the most wonderful husband, who is kind and caring and is going to be such an amazing father to our little girl. I'm also blessed with my little girl, although I haven't met her yet, I have such a bond with her already. I feel as if I've known her for years and she's not even here yet. 
Shaun and I are blessed with such wonderful parents. They are so giving and caring and help us out all the time, they just support us and offer us such guidance and strength and we are so so lucky to have them. I hope they all know that "thank you" can never express the enormous gratitude we feel towards them. 
Our siblings and wonderful friends and family are a daily blessing to us, for always offering an ear to moan to about being pregnant for 50 years, or just a chat about the weather. They are always there no matter what, and I only hope they know that we are there for them as well. 
We're both blessed with grandparents- in fact I'm blessed with two great grandmothers! They are a wealth of support and love to us and constantly check in, purely because they love us. Our little girl is about to be born into this spectacular family, and she is going to bring us such joy. She's a very lucky girl in my opinion!

Big Baby

When we went for out 32 week scan my doctor said BIG BABY! He said she was getting very big and advised I went for a Gestational Diabetes test just to ensure there was nothing wrong with my sugar levels. He didn't seem worried at all, as she was only 400g over the usual size, but was just being cautious. So I had to go and get blood taken- which I just loved :-s and then drink this sweet lemonade and wait an hour and be poked again and get more blood taken. Turns out everything is fine, shes just big. Shes not actually that big but the doc wont deliver her naturally if shes bigger than 4 kgs in case her shoulders get stuck. So I'm ok with that, although I really don't want a C-section if its the best thing for us I'll do it. Thankfully our doctor doesn't like C-sections at all so he wont push it if not absolutely necessary. She was 2.9 at our last scan, which was 34 weeks- Im now 36 weeks and our next scan is Thursday. I don't think she'll be 4 kgs, the doc thinks she'll be 3.7 which is a good size. I hope she comes in the next 2 weeks- Im a bit over this now!

Baby Shower

My baby shower was on the 9th July in Jhb at my moms house. I flew up on the Thursday and hung out with my dad on Thursday night and spent the day with my mom on Friday. Saturday was spent rushing around cooking and prepping for the 30 plus people we had invited. Firstly Russell arrived bringing millions of floating pink balloons and beautiful flowers, they Jenn arrived and turned the house into a pink baby paradise! Mom made the most amazing food and we were finally ready. Everyone arrived at 2 and I was flabbergasted at the amount of presents we received! I had seriously thought I'd fit most of what we got into my suitcase! HA! Thank goodness for my mom in law who was driving down to Durbs the following week, and offered to bring it all down. We had a lovely time, although I didn't get to spend as much time with everyone as I had hoped. We got so spoilt and I have 99% of the stuff I need for Lily now! Here are some pics of our wonderful day!