Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby School

Im just loving antenatal classes. the midwife is very nice, she's funny and seems to really know what shes doing. I think shes a bit over protective, in that she is an absolute purist, wants us to only eat the healthiest food, exercise, breast feed for two years or longer. Unfortunately this isn't possible all the time! I wont be breastfeeding for two years for sure, I think its way to long and is a bit weird. My aim to to do it for 8 months, but if I decide after 3 months to stop that's ok too, I'm not putting any pressure on myself. I'm trying my best to eat healthily, having smoothies or cereal for breakfast, a sarmie for lunch and a good dinner. I've always eaten pretty healthily so it's not too hard, however I refuse to totally cut out all sweets and choc, milo, bacon, sausages and the millions of other things she has told us to avoid. I'm not eating loads but geez, when this baby comes I wont be allowed any of it (for breastfeeding and weight loss) so I'm using my discretion, my baby will tell me what I feel like and don't feel like and she's the boss! This weeks class we went up to the labor ward, delivery room and maternity ward. I'v got to say I was a bit creeped out when I saw the delivery room, its got this high bed that sort of splits and has stirrups fixed on the sides. There is an incubator and a table thing to put the baby on that has a heater and stuff. I've never stayed over night in hospital, and have only been in twice for other things so I'm a bit nervous. The classes make it all easier though because we get to meet the staff and connect with other couples who are in the same boat as us. We spoke about what we need to pack in our bags for the labor ward and maternity ward and now that's all I can think of! I'm obsessing over what bag to take, what to wear, what Lily will wear...ugh driving myself mad.
I'm getting a cold, which really sucks as my already aching body is aching even more now. But at least the weather is nice and its half way through the week! One week closer to my baby shower, seeing my baby again and the big day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

26 week scan and 4D scan

Had our 26 week scan, shes a healthy 1kg and is a happy bouncing butterfly in my tummy! heres some pics:

today we went and had our 4D scan, at 28 weeks. she was so uncooperative but eventually we managed to see her face!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Best (and worst) things about pregnancy

1) Being treated by a princess by waiters and waitresses- today I had a waiter move the table to make sure I could fit in, asked me if I was comfy and then double checked with the kitchen that my coffee was decaf. Its the small things that really make a difference.
2) being allowed- and almost expected- to have an afternoon sleep! and having everyone tell me to just take it easy and put my feet up, like I'm made of spun glass. I love it! Wonderful to feel so treasured.
3) having people say I look wonderful pregnant, I know they're just saying it to make me feel better, but I love it that they care enough to say it!
4) car guards who help me with my groceries
5) scans to see our little bean growing and bouncing around my tummy
6) FEELING my little bean bouncing around my tummy!
7) seeing my tummy get bigger- though this is one of the worst things to.
8) buying baby stuff!
9) weekly updates on what our baby is up to via the internet, and then checking our baby books to see what else shes doing.
10) seeing my hubby get so excited when he talks about our little gem.

1) Swollen Feet
2) Aches and pains all over- back pain, pelvic pain, leg cramps uuuugh!
4) worrying constantly about whats safe to eat, do, smell....
5) getting dirty looks from other women- I've noticed this a few times? So weird! Maybe its because I look young? I'm married for goodness sake- and even if I wasn't- who are to to judge me??? What the hell???
6) Being oversensitive and perhaps seeing things as worse than the are. Also getting annoyed much faster than usual, I'm usually a peaceful and calm person. My blood seems to start boiling at the smallest things now.
7) baby brain baby brain baby brain!!!! I lose my thought half way through talking, drive like a maniac and forget peoples names. This baby better be very smart, because shes taken all my brain power.
8) weight gain and not fitting into my favorite clothes and people saying "wow your carrying heavy" or "your getting fat hay" or " how much do you weigh now" um.... excuse me? what makes you think its ok to say/ask this? Its not ok when I'm not pregnant so why would it be ok to say this to the irritable, tearful pregnant person?
9) Peeing...all...the...freaking...time....
10)  people taking photos of me looking like a beached whale.

although the lists are the same length, I really feel the pros outweigh the cons. The fact is, I'm gonna have a gorgeous baby girl at the end of it all- and I cant wait! so I don't mind being a fat, tearful pimply crazy person for 3 or 4 more months, if it means i get to hold me little precious one at the end of it all.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All suddenly very real...

So I booked my bed yesterday. I had to go into the hospital and fill in millions of forms and answer all these questions about my medical history and all that.Then went up to the maternity ward to book our ante-natal classes. When I walked out it suddenly hit me that in at least 10 weeks- though probably 14- I'll be giving birth. I know its silly, this should have dawned on my when we bought the pram, or collected the cot or crib, or maybe when my tummy obscured the view of my feet, but it didn't. Only when the women checking me in said "you're husband can get you settled in the ward and then come down here and get your file" did I think..."Oh My Gosh I'm gonna be in a ward!!!" I'v never even stayed over night in a hospital before! So I freaked out a bit but then gave myself a bit of a talking to (she's gotta come out sometime Shaz, you can get your body back Shaz, you can have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine Shaz!!!). Then I went shopping and felt better.

The more irritating thing is trying to do her nursery (ok, granted most things are irritating to me these days- like the fact that my cat insists on sleeping on my feet, or that its windy or the robot isn't green when I get to it... ha ha) but I have not been able to find Linen for her bed. I walked Pavillion and Gateway and looked all over the Bay and couldn't find what I was looking for. So in desperation I googled "cheap baby linen" and came across a women who sews from home and makes gorgeous stuff! So I chose what I want and its so perfect!
Its exactly what I wanted, and really not expensive at all- which was the other big factor of course! So now we have the pram, linen will be ready first week in July and then all we need is the this and that baby stuff that I'll buy after my baby shower. Next scan is the 7th, I cant wait to see our little bean again!

Holidays and 21 week scan.

I haven't written for a while, so I'll start with our lovely holiday at the vaal. We had so many public holidays so we went up for 10 days. We left after work on the Thursday afternoon and arrived late that night at the freezing cold Vaal. Mom came through the next day and we spent the next 10 days surrounded by wonderful friends and family.  Was so wonderful to see everyone. The only thing is that it was so cold! I was very ready to come home to Richards Bay where the coldest it gets to is about 16, and thats first thing in the morning when I'm in bed anyway! I started feeling Lily moving when we were up there, she had moved once or twice before but not every single day, as soon as we hit 20 weeks she started moving loads! Especially after I ate anything- especially anything sweet!

We had a scan the day after we got home, and saw our little girl properly for the first time. The doctor had to do the organ scan to check all her insides were developing properly and all that (which they are). She has moving loads during the scan, I don't think she likes being poked and prodded! We finally got a good look at her face, after the doc shook my tummy! She was lying with her arms thrown up over her head and eventually moved them and he snapped the pic. I cant believe shes only 20 or so cms but is a complete person. She looks just like Shaun, has the same mouth and I can just see him in her- hopefully when she comes out she has some of my characteristics to, but her daddy is very handsome so Im not complaining!