Wednesday, April 13, 2011

18 weeks

our little girl is 18 weeks now and is growing like a happy bean. Mind you, so am I! I feel like I'm growing over night, it was actually getting me very depressed. I know its silly, but I just didn't think about growing out of all my clothes! It doesn't help that maternity clothes down here are just about non existent! I'm accepting it a bit better now though, my poor hubby needs to keep giving me reassurance but its OK. I'm enjoying seeing my tummy getting bigger because I know it means were getting closer to meeting our little girl.
We're going up to the Vaal in a week and a half for ten days and I cant wait! Poor milkshake has to go to kennels but he'll be ok, it does him good I think. Hes the naughtiest cat you'll ever meet and a week or so of kennels should teach him to behave again...ya I know I'm kidding myself. We've had so much rain and our cat doesn't seem to realize this means he should move inside! So he sits out in the poring rain and when its time for us to get up he comes in for food and rubs up against us, making us sopping wet and the floor full of mud! The other day he went outside and stepped in a huge puddle which he didn't like at all so he came charging back inside, but was so wet he slipped and slid all over the house! It was hysterical because you just cant calm him down and just have to watch him sliding all over crashing into things. stupid thing.
Work is very slow and I'm very bored, but I know its for the beast because I wont have to worry when Lily comes, but I must say I'm looking forward to doing something when she's a bit bigger. I have a meeting with Richards Bay Family center next week, they want me to sit on their financial board to help decide where funding needs to be. I'm really excited about that because its right up my ally!
I'm cooking for Shauns boss and colleague tonight, so I'm off to the shops, thank goodness I have Priscilla here today or I'd have to be cleaning as well. At least now I just have to cook and make myself presentable...and find something that fits me to wear!
Lots of Love

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video of our scan

Its a GIRL!

We finally found out! We're so thrilled, I am so happy! I knew I'd be happy either was, but very pleased its a girl. We had a lovely scan and saw that shes very active, growing well and moving around loads. I was over whelmed that I forgot to ask the doctor how big she is, but I could see that shes pretty big, and I can feel it to! I feel heavy and have felt her kick a few times. heres a pic of her hands
she was waving to us! The next one is her legs, she was hiding so we couldn't really see her face, hopefully next time!
the doctor said it 95% confirmed that she is a she but will know for sure next time! so very very exciting!

Thats all for now!
lots of love!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink or Blue

We'll be finding out on Thursday if we're having a boy or girl. We really don't mind either way, but I cant believe the number of people who have asked us what we're hoping for. There is no right answer! If we had to answer one and got the other then what?
Its so funny how everyone has an opinion, I actually like hearing people throw out guesses. Everyone says something, even people I hardly know! I feel differently every day, one day I feel its a a girl and the next I'm sure its a boy. We just cant wait to know for sure, although I'm trying to not get to excited because the baby may decide to not show us!
I havent bought anything yet, because waiting to know. We got our cot and compactum this weekend, that Sharon left for us. Its so cool and the cot is very larny. It has a built in mobile and can convert to a childs day bed when he or she outgrows it. A bed for toys I guess! The compactum is really perfect to, originally I wanted a wooden one with drawers in it, but this one is really all we need, as the room is quite small. Milkshake has been eyeing the cot, but I'm keeping a close eye on him and shout at him if he gets to close. I don't want to keep him out the room totally because then it'll be a novelty to run in every time the door opens! I know he'll be very sweet with the baby, but my concern is he loves it to much!
Till Thursday!